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Let's talk tropical

From the catwalk to the home, the trend for tropical prints where everything from palm leaves and pineapples to flowers of the exotic and monkeys, seem to be reflecting our storm-to-sunshine weather!

Adding a boost of colour to the home, this tropical palette of hot pinks, greens and reds offer an usual way to inject some colour opulence and a little humour into your home.

Embrace the bold prints, bright colours and a relaxed vibe to your home. 70's Palm Spring styling if may be but it's all about going bold with colour and print.

Use colour in bold blocks to make instant statement and embrace daring clashes.

Too much? Fear not. A relaxed Colonial feel is a more tasteful, low key affair of the tropical look.

Think palm prints, natural woods and rattan furniture.

Escape the rain, embrace the sun- be a bold bird of paradise and grab yourself a cocktail!

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