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You can NEVER have too many cushions!

I love cushions. I really do. You can jump onto the sofa, push them down and sit on top of them, then claim it for yourself. Well, that's my thing.

Trouble is the cats do it as well so good job we have plenty in my house.

The great thing about the summer is we all like to sit outside- which means more chairs and yes- more cushions!!

I am particularly fond of jumping up and just chucking the cushions onto the floor with my head. It's great fun and I would give it ago. Warning: Be prepared to get shouted at, but do what I do and ignore it.

We have a fabulous range of cushions here at Priory Blinds and as we also offer bespoke cushions as well, you can have larger than average cushions and select from any of our hundreds of fabrics!

Now, I'm off to knock down some more cushions!

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